Sponsorship packages:

Sponsorship Levels


75000 EGP


50000 EGP


35000 EGP

Sponsorship Benefits

Booth size

3m2 * 3m2

2 m2 * 2 m2

1 m2 * 1 m2

Sponsor name and logo on conference welcome banner


Sponsor banner displayed in prominent WS locations.


Sponsor name and logo on speaker podium

Sponsor name and logo on Conference program and website.

Sponsor name and logo on all media release and other media contacts

Branding opportunities

Breakfast, Coffee break, lunch, welcome reception, Gala dinner

Breakfast, Coffee break, lunch

Breakfast, Coffee break

Sponsor Advertising in WS program

One page

½ Page

¼ Page

Complimentary registration for sponsor employees

For 3 persons

For 2 persons

For 1 person

Sponsor promotion materials in delegate bags

Sponsor Signage


Exhibition Package:

Booth Rent

10,000 EGP or 550 USD


3*2 m2

1 Table and 2 chairs

Electrical outlet

A branding opportunity

Registration for 2 persons